The National Football League is a multibillion dollar industry. It is important to surround yourself with individuals who can guide you in the right path so that you can become successful both on and off the field. We have negotiated millions of dollars of contracts for our clients. However, it isn’t just about getting a big pay day. What you want is to have people whom you can trust. We are those people. Whether you are a college athlete looking for advice on NIL, an athlete coming out for the draft or a Veteran looking for new representation you can feel at ease that we can help you in your career path.


College athletics has changed dramatically in the past 4 to 5 years. Today there are many opportunities which did not exist for athletes in the past. We can help advise both athletes and parents navigate this new world. Whether it is advice on how to utilize the transfer portal or getting marketing deals we can help.


You are only to get one shot at a career in the NFL. One slip up could cost you a lifetime dream. With our athletes we guide them through the draft process. Each athlete is different. Some athletes prefer to stay and train at school others either want to leave or need to leave for outside training. We have numerous connections with trainers throughout the country who will get our athletes right. For our NFL Combine athletes we will also provide communication training as well as Wonderlic preparation.